#756 - RETRO XX21

SKEGGS (Lomavista) - Reherseal - Down to ride

DRY CLEANING (4AD) - New Long Leg - More big birds
VIAGRA BOYS (Years 00001) - Welfare Jazz - Créatures

ARTHUR SATAN (Born Bad) - Summer - It's all the same
JULIEN RIBOT (December square) - Do you feel 9 ? - Time is a fruit

POWER SUPPLY (Antifade Records) - - The Land of fire 
AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS (Rough Trade) - Comfort me - Hertz

NEW VOGUE (Casbah records) - Volume II – Safe on the Autobahn
GONTARD (Ici, d'ailleurs) - Akene - Le plein de super

ARAB STRAP (Rock Action Records) - As days get dark - Fable of the urban fox (Check/Fault Mix)
BABA ALI (Memphis industry) - Memory Device - Black Wagon

GWENDOLINE (Dead Wax Records) – Après c’est gobelet – Audi RTT
OI BOYS (La Face Cachée) - S/T - Déjà Reine

SIMON MERLE (Mastrou records) - I can't talk
SHANNON & THE CLAMS (Easy Eyes Sound) - Year of the spider - All of my cryin'