#729 - Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning (4AD) New Long Leg - Strong Feelings
Edgar Suit (Dangerhouse SKylab / HVIV) - Despise All Human - Electric Men Return
Together Pangea (Nettwerk Records) - Gates Of Heaven 
Mdou Moctar (Matador) Afrique Victime - Afrique Victime
Snapped Ankles (Rough Trade) Forest Of Your Problems - Rhythm Is Our Business
François Premiers (Poseur Records) - Renaissance Man
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio (Colemine Rcds) - I Told You So - Hole In One
Dry Cleaning (4AD) New Long Leg - Scratchcard Lanyard
Dry Cleaning (4AD) New Long Leg - More Big Birds
DJANGO DJANGO (Because Music) - Glowing in the dark - Right The Wrongs
Jean-Emmanuel DELUXE & Friends (Martyrs Of Pop) Rouen dreams - A Hollywood
Aquarian Blood (Goner Records) - Bending the Golden Hour 28/05/2021 - Bolted and Embossed
Dry Cleaning (4AD) New Long Leg - John Wick