#716 - Va crever 2020 #2/2

Idles (Partisan) Ultra mono - Grounds

Crackcloud Tin Angel Records) Pain olympics - Tunnel vision
DeadGhost (Burger Records) Automatic Changer - Drugstore supplies

Ghostpoet (PIAS) I grow tired but dare not fall asleep - Concrete pony
Baxter Dury (Heavenly et Pias) The night chancers - Hello I’m sorry

Habibi (Mudguts) Anywhere but here - Come my habibi
Brigid Dawson & the mother network (Castle face) Balet of apes - The full

Cabbage (brassica records) Amanita pantherina - Get outta my brain
Taulard (Broderie records) Dans la plaine - Dans la plaine

Matt berninger (caroline Records) Serpentine prison - All for nothing

Bill Callahan (Drag City) Gold record - Another song
Holy Hive (Big Crown) Float back to you - Broom

Debate Club (Michel records) Phosphorescent - Feeling Good

Adrianne  Lenker (4AD) Songs/Instrumentals - Zombie girl