Bambara (Warfcat Records) Stray - Serafina

Sunflowers (Only movers records) Endeless voyage - Oscillation
Structures (Constellation nordique records / Rockerill records) Ep - Long life

Detroit cobras (Wildhoney records) stay down b/w lightning bird - Stay down
The sadies & king khan (Khannibalism) Split single - The most despicable man alive

#401 - Dangerhouse
Scaners (Dangerhouse Skylab / Adrenalin Fix / Ghost Highway / Spaghetti Town) -  X Ray Glasses: On
Mooon (Bickerton Rcds) - Safari - All By Myself

Bambara (Warfcat Records) Stray - Heat lightning
Bambara (Warfcat Records) Stray - Sweat

HTMLD (Lucky Number Music) - West of Eden - West Is Dead
Helicon (Fuzz Club) - This Can Only Lead To Chaos - Glasgow Uni Accent

The shivas (Tender living empire) Dark thoughts - Gloria
Owen temple quartet (Casbah Records) Rot in the sun - The remain

Bambara (Warfcat Records) Stray - Sing me to the streets