#678 : 2010-2012

La sélection des titres et groupes marquants pour nous entre 2010-2012

Mrs Magician (Swami Records) - Strange Heaven - Night Life

Dan Sartain (One Little Indians) - Dan Sartains Lives - I don't wanna go to the party
Parting Gift (In The Red Records) - Strychnine Dandelion - Keep Walking

Bass Drum Of Death (Fat Possum) - GB City - Nerve Jamming
Setting Son (Bad Afro) - Before i Eat My head & Ears - Terrible Town

Daniel Darc (Sony) - La Taille de Mon Ame - C'était mieux Avant
Pete Molinari (Clarksville) - A train Bound For Glory - Minus Me

Mike Ness (Craft Rcordings) - Cheating At Solitaire - Misery Loves Company
Schizophonics (Pig Baby) - People In The Sky - Battle Line

SparkleHorse & DangerMouse (Parlophone) - Everytime i'm with you
 Black Angel (Blue Horizon) - Phosphogene Dreams -  Saturday Afternoon

Delaney Davidson (Casbah Records) - Ghost Song - I'm a fool
Movie Star Junkies (Voodoo Ryhthm rec) - A Poison Tree - Walnut Tree

Dirty Beaches - Badlands - True blue