Rock à la casbah est une émission d'actualité du rock underground et contemporain
The Limbos (Penniman Records) - Baia -  Big Shot

Harold Martinez(trou noir)- The grim - reppear
Computerstaat(trou Noir/no reason)- in the city

Talleen (Autoprod)- The black sea - The land waves
Broken Column (Autoprod) - Mirror 

Wild Zero (Crocodile Rcds) - 7' - She Knows
The C.I.A (In The Red) - S/T - Reputation

The Limbos (Penniman Records) - Baia - Do Right
The Limbos (Penniman Records) - Baia - Way Too Long

Giuda (Burger Records) - E.V.A
Cosmonauts (Burger Records) - Star 69 - Seven Sister

Novel(Flemish Eye & Meat Machine Records) - S/T - To Whom It May Concern
Tents Star(numavi records) - Stars On the GPS SKY

Mama Llama (Resurrection records) - V/A sampler 2019 - Misery
Runaway octopus (Resurrection records) - V/A sampler 2019 - Bite The Bullet, Buy The Beer

The Limbos (Penniman Records) - Baia - All Over My Soul