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#631 - Kizmiaz Birthday 10 ans

Ville Fantôme (Kizmiaz) - EP - Anything 4 U

MIEN (Rocket Recording) - S/T - I'm Tired Of Western Shooting
King Trash (S/R) - King Trash

Harvey Rushmore & The Octopus (A Tree In A Field) - Futureman - Slime On The Beach
Kelley Stoltz (Banana & Louie) - Natural Cause - Our Modern World

Shannon Shaw (Easy Eye/Nonesuch) - In Nashville - On My Own
Cramps (Stay Sick Rcds) - Live At Clutch Cargo 1982 - Sinners

Slim Wild Boar (Kizmiaz) - Pure Dust - Amphetamine Blues
Magnetix (Kizmiaz) - Cramped - Hot Pearl Snatch

Jean Michel Jarret (Petrol Chips) - We are Not A Marchandise - Do You think
Vestale Vestale (Petrol Chips) - Pour Adultes et Ado - Les Soirs de Pluie

Le Skeleton (S/R) - Tigre Teigne - Thinkin'

Movie Star Junkies (Kizmiaz) - EP - Requiem Pour Un Con