#579 - C'est le printemps

HeatWaves (Casbah Records) - V.A Ramdam 7 - Dead end town

Sleaford Mods (Roughtrade records) English Tapas - BHS
Denim & leather (Milk Run records) II - Pink Flamingos

Appalache (BLWBCK) Sea Gate - Space Remains
Karaocake (Objet disque) Rows and stiches Humdrumbeat life

The Blaze Velluto Collection (Casbah Records) - V.A Ramdam 7 - Mathilda
Abschaum (Casbah Records) - V.A Ramdam 7 - Dans tes pas
The Jesus and mary chain (Artificial plastic records) -Damage and joy - Always sad
The Jesus and mary chain (Blanco y negro) - Darklands - Happy when it rains
Sievehead (Milk & run; Evil hoodoo records) - Into the blue - No grapes
Tremolove(Casbah Records) - V.A Ramdam 7 - Goldfish Seasick