#56_ Mixtape_Dion Lunadon

Cette semaine la playslite de cette mixtape a été composée par les bons soins de Dion Lunadon. Si son nom ne vous dit rien c’est peut être parce que c’est un garçon discret mais néanmoins bruyant. D’origine Neo Zélandaise, il est d’abord connu pour avoir été le guitariste chanteur des D4 avant de s’installer à New york. Il y devient bassiste du groupe A place to bury strangers pour quelques années. En parallèle il enregistre seul un album homonyme dans son appartement de la grosse pomme avec sa guitare et sa voix. Voici la mixtape de Dion Lunadon pour Rock à la Casbah:


Crédit Photo: Auteur inconnu

PLAYLIST Dion Lunadon

Artiste - Titre

Civic - Selling, Sucking, Blackmail, Bribes
An Australian band who released this single via Melbourne label Anti-Fade. Australians know Rock N Roll. Like people from Detroit. I think it harks back to when Australia was a penal colony. Hard, aggressive and real.

Valley Boys - Modern World
The first Modern Lovers record is in my top 5 of all time. I love that record. I was at a record store in the Bay Area (Red Devil Records) a few years ago and the owner turned me onto this Canadian bands’ record. Here they are with a punked up cover of The Modern Lovers song “Modern World”.

Reatards - I Gotta Rock N Roll
Jay Reatards old band providing me with everything I love about Rock N Roll. Energy, realness, low brow production and a message that rings true with me.

The Bags - Survive
Their only single from 1978. So many bands form the era only did a single if that. I guess the moguls didn’t see any $$$ in it.

The Joneses -  Criminals In My Car
I guess these guys were kinda pre 80’s sunset strip glam styles? This came out in ’82 and sounds a little more “street”. Love to DJ this one.

Suburban Reptiles - Megaton
One of New Zealands first punk bands. Born out of Elam art school in Auckland. There are a couple of cool videos out there. This (their first single) and “Saturday Night Stay At Home”. Members went on to (or came from) Midnight Oil, Split Enz and The Swingers.

Tyvek - Tip To Tail
From Detroit, I saw these guys play a lot at the now defunct Death By Audio. Always a good live band and make consistently good records.

Bizarros - Young Girls At the Market
Another midwest band from another time. I was headed from NYC to Chicago on tour and someone played this in the van. Really loved the singing and can’t get enough of this band. But this is my fav song of theirs.

Lee Moses - Bad Girl
Change of vibe here. I like music that has energy, soul and sincerity. Which is prob why I gravitate towards rock n roll and soul music (not exclusively!). Just a great track that I heard out and about and added to my “songs to get” list.

The Exbats - I Was In Yr Video
Cool idea fro a song. Funny, whimsical and catchy. Don’t know too much about this band but I dig the vibe!

Parsnip - Feeling Small
Really like this band. Another one from Melbourne who also put out some stuff on Anti-Fade. Cool harmonies and really nailing what they do. Super summery. Reminds  me a bit of the Shags. I also love the band name. Let’s call it…..PARSNIP!

Margo Guryan - Sunday Morning
When I first heard this song I thought it had a cool vibe. She is a NY song writer who released 1 album called “Take A Picture” in 1968 although her first work was recorded in ’58. Her songs have been recorded by various other artists suck as Mama Cass and Glen Campbell.

James Brown - I Can’t Stand It
Another top 5 artist for me. I once danced to James Brown for 5 hours straight. Ever since then he gets by blood moving anytime I hear him. Lucky enough to see him live. So powerful and supremely confident. An artist, like Hendrix, who has such a deep connection to the spiritual side of music. Touching God.

Al Green - I’m A Ram
Always loved the silky smooth sound of Al Green. “Simply Beautiful” is another track worth checking out if you don’t know it.

The Fall - Frightened
Had a “Fall-a-thon” on Spotify the other day where I tried to listen to as many Fall records as I could in a row. Here’s a track that stands out amongst the large output of Mark E Smith.

Viagra Boys - Ain’t Nice
Listened to this one a few times in a row when it came out. Dare I say the best thing I’ve heard them do so far? The production on this one is SPOT ON. Love me some sax.

Vicious Visions - Another Dimension
I can’t help but think that they got the idea for this song from “The Time Warp” from Rocky Horror Picture Show. These guys were originally from Sweden and moved to Berlin. Another country that really understands the fundamentals of RNR.

Gasoline - Killer Man
I guess this Parisian group put out 2 singles in ’77 and in my opinion this is the best of the 2. “Sally” their first 7” not nearly as aggressive as this, their 2nd single.

Chain Gang - Son Of Sam
One of my fav songs of the era. Art punk from NYC detailing the Son Of Sam murderer(s??) who was terrifying NYC in the summer of ’77.

Wallacy Williams - Hipnose
Here is a track from an artist from Sao Paulo that I met while I was on tour. I really like his stuff and have been playing bass on some of his recordings including this one.


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