#498 - Resurrection

Primitive Hearts (Get Resurrected) - Last Chance

Frantic City Records
Jacomil Sabor & Précheur Loup - You shall use...- Calcomatraque
Lady Banana - Wall of cheese - Shake the ass

Dirt Cult Records
Blanck Pages - Shelter
Catholic Guilt - Bygones

Dangerhouse # 
Shifting Sands (Beast Rcds) - Beach Coma - Boyfriend
King Kahn & BBQ Show (In The Red) - Bad News Boys - Alone Again

Kim Gray (Get Resurrected) - Franck Sinatra
Lunch (Get Resurrected) - Johnny Pineapple
Cumstain (Get Resurrected) - Never Been Caught
Etilomantalini (Get Resurrected) - My Machine 

Castle Face Records
Pow - Fight Fire - Liquid Day Dream et Here come the spades
Male Gaze - The shinning Path

Hex dispenser (red lounge records) - Parallel - Young blood in the river
Shocked Mind (Hozac records) - S/T - Drug Song

Mr Elevator and the brain hotel - Nico