#476 - Dream pop Session

Kevin Morby (Woodsist) - Still Life - The ballad of arlo Jones

Kelley Stoltz (Thirdman records) - Double Exposure - Still Feel
Fresh and only (Mexican Summer) - House of spirit - Who let the devil

Matt Kivel (Woodsist) - Days of being wild - S/T
Kurt Vile (Matador) - Walkin' on a pretty daze - Never Run Away

Lilith Lane (Beast Rcds) - Pilgrim - Baby Elephant Print (Gina)
John Schooley (Voodoo Rhythm) - The Man Who Rode The Mule Around The World - Lookout Mabel

Kevin Morby (Woodsist) - Still Life - All of my life
Kevin Morby (Woodsist) - Still Life - Parade

Marble Arch (Turc Mecanique) - Bloom of division - In my Heart
Dylan Shearer (Castle Face records) - Garagearray - Meadow mines

Kevin Morby (Woodsist) - Still Life - Bloodsucker