#37 - Mixtape de vacances !

Shopping (FatCat Records) All or nothing
Deeper (Fire Talk) Auto Pain
Chastity Belt - The process lonely
The proper ornaments (Tapete records) Purple Heart
Soakie (La vida es un musdiscos) Boys on stage
Hallelujah (Maple death records) Wanna Dance
Public practice (WarfCat records) Gentle Grip
The buttertones (Innovative leisure) JazzHound
Exek (Born Bad Recordshop 20 Year Anniversary ) Too steep a hill to climb
Pretty Lightnings (Fuzz Club records) Jangle Bowls
Fews (Play it again Sam) Into red
Personality cult (Dirtnap records) Nothing to do with it
The walk  (Wild Honey records) Walking
Lonely Walk (I love limoges records) Fake town
Neumatic Parlo (Unique Records) Cardiac Insufficiency
Throwing muses (Fire records) Dark Blue