Pendant la pause estivale, Rock à la casbah confie sa programmation à un artiste, un activiste du monde du rock.
Cette semaine, le bluesman suédois Bror Gunnar Jansson qui a signé plusieurs albums sur le label des éditions milliani. Il revient prochainement avec un nouvel album le 20 septembre « They Found My Body in a Bag »


Harmonizing Four - Go Down Moses, 1958
 Beautiful gospel. 
I found this song on a compilation called "From Slavery 'Til Now - An anthology of negro gospel and spiritual music." Vee-Jay Records 

Southern Fife & Drum Corps - Little and Low (Oree)
 I love the hypnothic rhythm pattern of fife & drum blues. Maybe especially on this song (also called Oree), this version recorded by Alan Lomax.
Found on the compilation "Root Hog or Die: 100 songs 100 years - An Alan Lomax Centennial Tribute" Mississippi Records

Daniel Ögren - Byrviken, 2018
 Daniel is a friend of mine, but he is also somewhat of a genius when it comes to playing music and producing.
From the album "Brev Från Leksand" Pomperipossa Records

Dusty Pipe - Someone Keep Calling My Name
 In my opinion one of the absolute best performers of blues-oriented music in Sweden.
From the album "Chew My Bones"

Riddarna - Över Gränsen, 2014
 Swedish contemporary rock band. Their songs are so cleverly built and the lyrics are fantastic.
From the album "Under Jorden" Novoton Records/Gaphals Records

Jack Brothers - Jag Är Glad, 1999
 One of my absolute favorite bands ever. And on of my most important musical inspirations. From my hometown Göteborg, Swe. They used to play the streets of Göteborg, busking, even during winter. But if the temperature would go below -9 they had to stop, because then the saxophone stopped working.
From the album "Viva La Revolucion" Amigo Music

The Como Mamas & The Glorifiers Band - I Can't Thank Him Enough, 2017
 One of my most memorable concert moments. Saw them live in Paris on the Les Nuits d'Alligator Festival in 2014. Three women, singing and clapping into just one microphone. Goosebumps through the whole gig. Saw them once again in june this year, but this time in Göteborg (and this time together with guitar and drums). And on this recording theres a whole band backing them, many of which who backed up Sharon Jones and Amy Winehouse.
From the album "Move Upstairs" Daptone Records

Musette - Little Elvis, 2012
 Another favorite (and another friend) of mine amongst my fellow swedish musicians. Joel (the person behind Musette) always creates his own beautiful and nostalgic world in his songs imo.
From the album "Drape Me In Velvet" Häpna Records

The Eloise Trio - Come To The Caribbean, 1962
 Bahamian calypso at it's best with Eloise Lewis and her trio.
Found on the compilation "90 Degrees of Shade - Hot jump-up island sounds from the Caribbean, Volume One" Soul Jazz Records 

Tamikrest - Tisnant an Chatma, 2013
 Great Tuareg music. I heard this band at the local jazz club Nefertiti around the time for the release of this album. Great concert, great band, great album.
From the album "Chatma" Glitterbeat Records

Gil Evans  - Las Vegas Tango, 1964
 One the absolute best songs that I know. For me this song has about everything, it's beautiful and sad but yet so groovy and intricate. And the line-up is amazing.
Found on the album/comp. "The Individualism of Gil Evans" Verve Records

The Staple Singers - Too Close, 1957
The first song I ever heard with Roebuck "Pops" Staples & The Staple Singers. It was recorded live in a church which of course suits the music very well. 
Found on the compilation "The Staple Singers"  Everest Records/Archive of Gospel Music